Abel Automotive Service Professional Carburetor Rebuilding Service a1carbshop@yahoo.com
Barker Gang Garage Quadrajet throttle shaft bushing kits, Un-warping tool for quadrajets 970-927-1151, info@barkerganggarage.com
Buick Carburetor Listings 1904-1939, 1940-1964, 1965-1974 All Buick Carburetor model numbers, applications, and repair kit numbers See Below - www.thecarburetorshop.com
Buick Carburetor Listing Sorted by Part Number 1966-1985
Buick Quadrajets Listing of both NOS Buick Quadrajets and Factory Rebuilt Quadrajets that are available. qjet@quadrajet.org
Carb Doctor Quadrajet, Carter, Stromberg, Holley, parts parts parts!!  
Carbs Unlimited Great source for Carb Parts including ELECTRIC CHOKE CONVERSION KITS! 253-926-9228
Carburetor Q & A Information and answers regarding carburetors www.carbs.net
The Carburetor Shop The Carburetor Shop can supply carburetors, carburetor rebuilding kits, carburetor rebuilding parts, carburetor special tools, original carburetor manufacturers literature; and performs restoration of carburetors, either our core or yours (573) 392-7378
Carburetor Tuning the Scientific Way Carburetor Tuning the Scientific Way and Tuning Your Holley
Carburetor Tuning Tips This info came from my friend Darrell Jermain off the Carb'd Mustang Mailing List. The original author is Brian Stroud - check out his web page here.
Common Carburetor Terms A dictionary of carburetor terms...very good to know!
John Osborne Quadrajet Performance Mod and Rebuild Specialist 270-737-4467  JOP455@AOL.COM
My Q-Jet Tips All around experience with Edelbrock Q-Jet Tuning Mike
O.E.M. Carburetor Listing We at Specialized Investments have been providing Original Equipment Carburetors to the automotive repair industry and auto enthusiasts since 1979. Our goal is to provide either used carburetor cores in good condition or professionally rebuilt carbs by original part number or style (830) 560-1205, E-Mail
Performance Tune Your QJet Secondaries THE SECONDARIES!! Best place to start in search of more performance quickly! Damon Nickles
Performance Tune Your QJet Secondaries Part II Part II of the above Post Damon Nickles
Peter's Quadrajet Secondary Rods Listing of Secondary Rod Sizes http://www.netspace.net.au/~peterpam/home.htm
PickProParts.com Lots of good parts for all makes. 1-800-654-6452
QJet Idle Problems Idle quality with a QJet can be tricky since they were ALL emissions carbs (except the Edelbrock's).  They can have lousy idle quality on a cammed motor because they already start out borderline-lean on a stock motor. Damon Nickles
QJet Tuning Tuning tips for pre-81 Qjets ThirdGenMonte.com
Quadra-jet The Complexity Of The Q-Jet That Makes It Such A Great Fuel Mixer May Deter Folks From Blueprinting Them For Performance http://www.carcraft.com/
Quadrajet Exploded View Exploded view of the Rochester 4bbl Quadrajet with labels. www.442.com
Quadrajet Identification Chart This is a very nice chart that Clint Delisle posted on the v8buick.com board and it has helped me tremendously in ID-ing Quadrajets.
Quadrajet Secondary Metering Rod Chart Degrees of Secondary Air Valve Opening vs. Rod Diameter in Secondary Jet Damon Nickle
Quadrajet Tech This article has been prepared with the hope that it will help enthusiasts optimize their Quadrajet carbs for performance. Randy Frazier
Quadrajet Tuning Nice article written with lots of information! Lars Grimsrud
Randy Frazier Q-jet If having a "performance tuned" Quadrajet carburetor is your idea of being better prepared, then this tech article may be for you. Hundreds of articles have been written on Q-Jets, but very few actually give specific combinations that perform well on street/strip applications.
Recarbco We provide original equipment replacement carburetors for most makes and models of vehicles, including cars, trucks, and vans. More Info
Rochester Carbs Rochester Quadrajet Common Problems and Decoding http://www.buickperformance.com
Rochester QuadraJet OEM Number ID The Rochester Quadra-Jet was a very popular carburetor on many GM vehicles from the mid 60s to the late 80s. The first was in 1965, on large Chevy V8s. By 68, the Q-jet was GM's main 4 barrel carb. The OEM numbers are located on the driver's side of the carb, near the throttle linkage. The numbers run vertically. E-mail Us
Terrill Machine, Inc. Carb Kits for 37-67 Carter, 55-71 Rochester, 36-61 Stromberg. Gasket Sets, Oil Pumps, Engine Parts, etc. 254-893-2610
Tony's QJet Tips This page is made up of information I gathered from the Internet, requests I made by email, Bill Stacey from Buickstreet.com, Cliff? and many other sources. Email Tony

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