2005 BCA National Meet - Batavia, NY


On the way up...


Meeting of the Centurions...


Thursday afternoon cleaning sessions


Bob took this moment to document a very rare occurence..


Driven Class..


Berger's car


Faithful Pursuit!


The ONLY 58 there..


Paul Meyer's car


Keith Bleakney's beautiful 67 Special Deluxe


21xxx mile 60 Electra 225 Convertible


Ted's KILLER 65 Wildcat Convertible


Keith's Centurion


A nice 72 LeSabre Custom Convertible


Joe Naab's 67 Rivvie with a 425 Nailhead


Frank's 58 Ambulance (recently bought from Gene Reynolds)


Mike's 68...very nice!


Lane's 68, also very nice!!  28xxx miles..


Bob Windal's 70 GS455 Convertible


David's 69 GS400


There's Doug...I didn't even see him there when I took this picture.


Brake Job on the show field!


Bob A's creampuff Centurion


Tom's 74 Rivvie!


Bob & Barb Brasses' 55 Special


Pete Nathan's 35 Street Rod


Pit stop at the tire shop on the way home


Dangerous photo opportunity!  Don't try this at home, kids..