1A Automotive Online Auto Replacement Parts Catalog Fuel Tanks, Weatherstripping, Carpet, Convertible Tops 888-844-3393
1929Buick.com This site has been set up for the benefit of all 1929 owners as a place to find answers in real-time. No need for delayed answers when the question or part is needed right now.  
The 1960 Buick A page dedicated to the 1960 Buick.  Great reading!  
1964 Buick LeSabre Literature Scans of some literature from the 1964 Model year  
1968-69 Skylark/GS Parts Listings are updated regularly and will follow the Select Skylark Parts List Jeff Cornish
5616 133rd Ave SE
Snohomish, WA 98290
1968-69 GS Registry Complete site for the 68-69 GS, which includes a registry EMAIL
1972 Buick Electra This website is devoted to the study of the 1972 Buick Electra automobile  
1973 Buick Centurion Article Posted on the Buick Club Holland Message Board - very fun reading for big Buick owners!!  
1973-1975 Century GS Registry This Web site features pictures and information of my own cars as well as others who graciously helped in providing  info to make it sucessful. Send me an e-mail
3D Auto Lots of general automotive information!  
55 Buick.com A site dedicated to the 1955 Buick line of cars buickguy@adilop.com
60DegreeV6.com The best source for all your GM 60 degree V6 needs
65-72 Buick Skylark/GS/Sportwagon VIN Decoder Covers these models VIN tags
68-72 Convertible Top Switch Repair Service Lifetime warranty repair for conv top switches, $49.95 plus $5 S&H 508-946-8177  Don Parker
A1 Electric & Speedometer Speedometer Service and Repair Division (310) 217-0491
AACA Discussion Forum Antique Automobile Club of America Discussion Forums for many types of autos including BUICKS! www.aaca.org
ABC Auto Upholstery Auto Glass and Repair Quality auto interiors (seat upholstery, carpet, dash caps and dashboards, door panels, sunvisors, headliners, convertible tops, classic auto glass, and more) at reasonable prices. Have a qestion about auto carpet kits or auto upholstery kits?
ABC Custom Chrome Chrome Replating Waterford, MI - (248)674-4333
Abel Automotive Service Professional Carburetor Rebuilding Service a1carbshop@yahoo.com
ACC de France Forum French discussion board for American Automobiles  
ACPartsOnline.com Welcome to ACPartsOnline.com the web home of Automotive Air, Inc.  Your Parts and Service Specialists since 1977.  Foreign and Domestic Automotive Air Conditioning Parts and Service. 1-800-962-2653
ADDCO Manufacturing Company, Inc. The leader in the field of Suspension tuning for over Thirty-Five years http://www.addco.net/contact.shtml
AIH Pot metal platers recommended by Dave Kleiner 1-800-782-8235 (ask for Steve)
AirCondition.com The Automotive A/C Bulletin Board http://www.aircondition.com/
Air Ride Technologies On this site you'll find the most comprehensive technical data available for Hot Rod air suspensions in the world 812-482-2932
Alan Grove Components Buick 401/425 Nailhead A/C & Alternator Brackets for nostalgia motors

Phone (913) 837- 4368  -  Fax (913) 837- 5721

Alfred P. Sloan Museum The Buick Gallery and Research Center's archival holdings consist of Buick manuals, photographs, press packets, and records covering the company's history from 1902 to 2000 (810) 237-3450
All American Classics, Inc. Your one stop for new, used, and reproduction classic auto parts for American cars and trucks from the 30's through the 80's 800.955.4999
American Plastic Rechroming Rechromes plastic parts: armrest base plates, instrument clusters radio bezels, bucket seat head rest locks, etc. Chuck 734-721-1967
American Restorations Unlimited We Are A Supplier Of Antique Car Parts,
Antique Car Restoration Services
and Kits For Classic American Cars and Trucks
Art Carr Performance Transmission Products Complete line of race proven transmissions TH350, TH400, 200-4R, torque converters, valve body kits etc. 714-962-6655
Attend A Lock - Buick Locks Ignition, Door, Boot Locks Email Attend A Lock
Austin Area Buicks The group is comprised of individuals who live in the Austin, TX and surrounding areas.  
autoandparts.com Internet Auto Recycling 1-888-977-1999
Autobahn Transportation Services, Inc. Your Enclosed Transportation Specialists 888 458 9052
Autobody Store Here at the AutoBodyStore.com I hope to be able to meet many of the needs of the folks who wish to spray paint or do sheet metal and other body repairs on their vehicles or on anything else where this technology can be applied. 1-888-485-5008
AutoCarMoves.com Multiple vehicle moving quotes info@autocarmoves.com
AutoColorLibrary.com Excellent Source for Color charts for any make, model, year car you have. (858) 536-7960
Auto Custom Carpets, Inc The Worlds Leading Manufacturer of Automotive Carpets 800-352-8216
Auto Dispatch Post Your Transport Load At Auto-Dispatch & Save Hundreds On Transport Fees support@calcruisingauctions.com
Autolit.com The Leader in Automotive Literature (315)432-8282
Automotive A/C Information Forum Air Conditioning Discussion Forum  
Automotive Information Clearinghouse These guys tracked my Centurion. 2100 made, 500 surviving REGISTERED in the country. 8 in Missouri. Good folks. I think the charge for doing this was $19. Box 1746
La Mesa, CA 91944
619-447-7200  service@automotiveinformation.com
Automotive Interiors & Accessories, Inc. Molded Carpets and other accessories 1-800-814-7533
Automotive Machine & Performance Specializing in Buick machine work, head work and dyno tuned crate engines Stage 1 conversions, cylinder head porting, computerized flow bench 1-270-729-5556  Mike Phillips
AutomotiveTouchUp.com Automotive touch up paint, aerosol spray paint cans, and auto paint made to order for your vehicle. 1-888-710-5192
Auto Parts Authority Save up to 60% on millions of top quality new, OEM, aftermarket and performance auto parts and accessories. Contact Us
Auto Parts Warehouse Misc parts such as brakes, alternators, car covers, underdrive pulleys, etc. Contact Us
Auto Trader Magazines Trader Publishing Company has more than 150 local offices across the country, all of which are ready to serve you. Simply click on the desired state to find a local office, as well as receive a complete listing of all the publications each office produces http://www.traderpub.com/usaindex.html
AutoTrans Express Complete Auto Transport Service - open and enclosed, door-to-door auto transport 866.277.6327
Auto Trim Supply Molded Carpet Search 813-286-6449
Auto-Vehicle Parts Co. Complete fastener line (800) 354-9816
A-W Custom Chrome Rechromes pot metal such as 1970-2 Headlight bezels; bright nickel, chrome plating, buffing and polishing of all metals 810-775-2040
AZ Cars & Trucks.com Ads for sale by owner  
Baer Braking Systems Stopping Power!! (602) 233-1411
Barker Gang Garage Quadrajet throttle shaft bushing kits, Un-warping tool for quadrajets 970-927-1151, info@barkerganggarage.com
"Basics of Basics" on Panel Alignment Nothing adds to “detail” on a car more than nice fitting panels. If the car is a light color it is even more important. MARTINSR, Member of the Team Chevelle and v8buick forums
Bear's Driveline & Suspension Bear's Performance Inc. is a Canadian owned and operated company serving the needs of racers since 1981. Through our commitment to high quality and customer service, we have become Canada's largest manufacturer and supplier of high performance chassis, suspension and driveline components. bears@jet2.net
Before Black 1982 Buick Regal Grand National,
1978-83 Buick Turbo V6 (and Pontiac 301T)
and all other Carbureted Buick V6's
Bennett's Upholstery Skylark/GS/GSX original reproduction upholstery and convertible tops. High quality exact reproduction upholstery for 1964-72. Catalogs are $1. Dave
Big Al's List Classified car ads  
Big Daddy's SunCoupe This page is dedicated to the 1972 Buick Skylark SunCoupe. Information on these SunCoupes is limited. I thought it would be a good idea to post pictures of my SunCoupe along with the information I have. EMAIL
Bill Hirsch Auto Your #1 Source for Antique, Classic & Exotic Automotive Restoration Products info@hirschauto.com
Billions & Trillions, of Auto Parts
Specializing in mail-order retail 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's GM Muscle car parts guru and full-sized classic autos.
We have been in business for 14 years.
"We probably have your part"
( 918) 493-1966
Boattail Riviera Registry 1971-1973 Boattail Registry buick1971riviera@gmail.com, Boattailregistry@gmail.com
Bob's Automobilia 1919-1956 Buick Restoration Parts and Accessories 805-434-2963
Bob's Car Collection A Collection of (Mostly) Buicks for sale and other NOT for sale widomski1@comcast.net
Bob's Speedometer Repair & Restoration of Speedometers, Clocks, Tachometers, Gauges and Sending Units Contact Us
Body Style & Model Chart Listing of 1928 through 1975 Buick Models and Body Styles http://www.supercar.com
Books4Cars.com We stock more than 30,000 automotive books. The correct manual and book for every car, truck and motorcycle. vossmotors@books4cars.com
BorgWarner T5 A/G Body Installation Process Installing a T5 into a 1978-1988 GM A/G Body Marc Hichens
Budd's 1956 Buick Site Research, media, manuals, guides, restoration, forum budd_robert@yahoo.com
The Bug Shop:  "Is It For Sale?" An interesting look at the value of a restored car...
Buick 455: We Have A Contender! Car Craft Mag article about the BBB  
Buick-59.com With this site we hope to gather together the most comprehensive collection of 1959 Buick data, and make it available for all to see and use.  
Buick Auto Parts Online You can buy with confidence from us, knowing you have the best quality Buick parts with the best warranty protection at wholesale discount prices! Our Buick online part store offers discount body parts, radiators, bumpers, fenders, car doors, grilles, lights, a/c condensers, remanufactured engines, cylinder heads, remanufactured automatic and manual transmissions, OE chrome wheels, alloy rims, white wheels, original hub caps, custom wheel covers and Euro lights to decorate your Buick vehicle http://www.buick-auto-and-parts.com/contact-us.html
Buick Big Block Casting Numbers Buick Big Block Casting Numbers, 400, 430, 455
Buick Body Style Chart This page illustrates the differences in GM body styles.  
Buick Carburetor Listings 1904-1939, 1940-1964, 1965-1974 All Buick Carburetor model numbers, applications, and repair kit numbers See Below - www.thecarburetorshop.com
Buick Carburetor Listing 1966 - 1985 Buick Carb #'s  
Buick Club of America The BCA is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and restoration of automobiles built by the Buick Motor Division of General Motors Corporation -- Detroit, Michigan, USA Email the BCA
Buick Club of Germany e.V. Our main objective here at the Buick Club of Germany e.V. is the conservation and restoration of Buick automobiles. Contact Us
Buick Diecast Club The Buick Diecast Club, which is part of the Buick Clubs of the TriShield.com Buick Enthusiast Network, is a club for Buick Enthusiasts and/or Buick Collectors of Buick Diecast and Collectibles. Email
Buick DK German?  Buick enthusiast site with some interesting info & pictures info@buick.dk
Buick Farm Lots of Hard-to-Find NOS Buick parts fro 1935-1990 Sales@BuickFarm.com

The Online club and live community for
Buick vehicle enthusiasts worldwide

BuickGN.com You have come to the right place for the finest in engraved dressup items and unique accessories for the 84-7 Buick Turbo Regals. mhueffman@snet.net
Buick God Good all-around Buick resource for information and classified ads - Lots of Boattails here. chris@buickgod.com
The Buick Gran Sport Page This site is dedicated to those 10 years of Gran Sports. E-Mail the webmaster
The Buick GS Home Page This home page is dedicated to all Buick V8 powered performance vehicles rod@dtcc.edu
Buick GS Restoration Musclecarclub.com information about the Buick GS. www.musclecarclub.com
The Buick GS Webring This is the home page for the ring of webpages dedicated to Buick GS owners and fans with homepages on the World Wide Web. Click Here!
Buick GSX Registry Register your GSX with the rest of us! gsxnut@buickgsx.net
Buick HEI Conversions The information here applies to the Buick 300, 340, 350, 400, 430, and 455 V8 engines Email Mike
Some History of the Buick Logo Buick Motor Division's famous "tri-shield" emblem, basically three shields inside a circle, can be traced directly to the ancestral coat of arms of the automaker's Scottish founder -- David Dunbar Buick. http://www.trishield.com/
Buick Horsepower Nationals Buicks at Indy!  A Non-Club affiliated event for all Buick performance lovers Contact
BuickLand.com Discussion Board A Forum for ALL Buick lovers!  Your Buick Community  
Buick Logos A collection of misc Buick logos  
Buick Nailhead Casting Numbers Buick Nailhead Casting Numbers
BuickNailhead.com Mini-Starters ('61-'66/364/401/425 motors only & '57-'58 by drilling hole) & Roller Tip Rocker Arms '53-'66, all Nailhead motors telriv@msn.com
Buick Performance This is what Buick Performance Club is all about! 727-596-3729
Buick Performance Group Discussion Board A BPG Member board open to everyone who would like to talk Buicks and events in your area!  
Buick Performance Group Home Page Information and home of the BPG.  Member rosters, registration information, etc.  
Buick Photo Gallery A gallery of some beautiful early Buicks! www.kensclassics.com
Buick Press Photos Factory and Press photos from 1904 - 1999 buickprphotos@juno.com
Buick Quadrajets Listing of both NOS Buick Quadrajets and Factory Rebuilt Quadrajets that are available. qjet@quadrajet.org
Buick Reatta Parts Discounts on all parts for BCA members orders@buickreattaparts.com
Buick Riviera 1987 A Norwegian Site dedicated to the 1987 Riviera  
Buick Riviera 71 This site is a French language site devoted to the 1971 - 1973 Buick Riviera "Boat Tail" BuickRiviera71@aol.com 
Buick Riviera Boattail 1971 1972 1973 1971 - 1973 boattails only! Email
Buick Skylark Suncoupe
Buicks.net Lots of good general info on Buicks  
BuickStreet.com BuickStreet.com is a showcase of spectacular classic Buicks, fascinating owner stories, Buick links, old road tests and much much more.  
Buick Street Rod Association The Buick Street Rod Association, BSRA, is for Street Rod owners,  and the  association  promotes 48 and older  modified fast Buicks. EMAIL
BuickThunder.com Online Discussion Forum  "Think Outside the Bowtie"  
Buick V6 and V8 Blower Kits!! Buick 471, 671, and 871 blower kits are available for most V6 and V8 engines manufactured by Buick. Special manifolds must be ordered for use with heads other than stock. email
Buick V8 Remanufactured Engines Buick V6 and V8 Remanufactured Engines - V8's from the 300 to the 455 1-815-838-4850
Buick World Extensive line of Buick restoration parts. Ask for Jim Macy. 360-825-3787
Bulldog Performace Makers of a new Aluminum 455 Cylinder Head Dealers
Cam Degreeing Instructions How to properly Degree a cam www.iskycams.com
Camshaft Guide Charlie Evans' guide to Aftermarket Buick Camshaft specs 888-624-3848
Car Art by David Snyder Prints of various musclecar collages  
Carb Doctor Quadrajet, Carter, Stromberg, Holley, parts parts parts!!  
Carbide Bur Cutting Tools wholesale supplier of carbide burs, endmills and accessories - head porting tools! contact us
Carbs Unlimited Great source for Carb Parts in cluding ELECTRIC CHOKE CONVERSION KITS! 253-926-9228
Carburetor Q & A Information and answers regarding carburetors www.carbs.net
The Carburetor Shop The Carburetor Shop can supply carburetors, carburetor rebuilding kits, carburetor rebuilding parts, carburetor special tools, original carburetor manufacturers literature; and performs restoration of carburetors, either our core or yours (573) 392-7378
Carburetor Tuning the Scientific Way Carburetor Tuning the Scientific Way and Tuning Your Holley
Carburetor Tuning Tips This info came from my friend Darrell Jermain off the Carb'd Mustang Mailing List. The original author is Brian Stroud - check out his web page here.
Carmen Faso ~ J&C Parts of Tonawanda, NY Engines - Headers - Cranks - Heads - Speed Equipment 716.693.4090
CAR Motorsports Lots of Turbo V6 Accessories and a few for GS's 678-431-1408
Carolina Chapter GSCA Showing with the best, racing with the fastest! John Reidy at johreidy@aol.com or Larry Miller at LMiller493@aol.com
Carponents Restoration Services We can take your vintage part that is rusty, heavily painted and layered with filler and give it a “like-new” beginning. 734.753.4782
CARS, Inc - www.oldbuickparts.com Over 1,000,000 Buick Parts 1936 and up including T-Type, Grand National & GNX (908) 369-3666

Award winning restorations...Having Fun Making Old Look New

Car Transport, Inc. Auto Transport & Auto Shipping Done Right (888) 356-1468
Centurion Registry 1971-1973 Buick Centurion Registry  
Century Performance Center Turbo V6 and Nailhead shorty headers! 775-746-4887
Charged Air Systems Turbos, Turbos, and more Turbos (847) 223-0761
Charles Sihilling Metal Polishing   714.543.7051
Chicagoland GSCA Our primary interests include 1965 to 1972 Gran Sports, 1984 to 1987 Turbo Regals, and Supercharged 3800 Buick powered cars while offering support for any performance Buick enthusiast. Loyd Bonecutter
Chicagoland GSCA Discussion Board Chicagoland Chapter GS Club of America Discussion forums chicagolandbuick.org
Chicago Muscle Car Parts, Inc. Selling new, repro and used parts for 64-72 Skylarks, GS, Sheetmetal, weatherstripping, emblems, bumpers, chrome trim, brackets, interior parts, dash parts, switches, lens, grilles, ect. chimuscle@aol.com, 847-526-2200, 912 Burnett Rd., Island Lake, IL
Chris Alston's Chassisworks, Inc. State-of-the-Art manufacturing of suspension components, roll cages, and chassis for street or strip. (800) 722-2269
Chris' Buick Riviera Spot This page is dedicated to the restoration and preservation of the Buick Riviera... Relax, Kick your shoes off, Stay a while, check out my links, and sign the guestbook Email
CID and Liter Calculator Ever wanted to find out the size of an engine? To convert cubic inches (example: Chevy 350) to liters (example: 5.7) just fill in the values. CID = Cubic Inch Displacement http://www.mtv411.com/frontpage.htm
Classic Auto Air Mfg. Co. A/C Specialists (813) 251-2356
Classic Auto Manuals Classic Auto Manuals offers the COMPLETE FACTORY ORIGINAL Shop Manuals, Service Manuals, Body Manuals, Repair Manuals, and Automotive Parts Manuals in easily accessible CD format. 903-566-1939
Classic Automotive Restorations Classic Automotive Restorations provides full service antique and classic car restoration. We have 17 years of experience and restore any make or model, but we do specialize in Buicks and Jaguar XK140's (207) 695-2393
Classic Buicks Quality Restoration Parts for Buicks http://www.classicbuicks.com/inquiry_form.htm
Classic Caddies Cars & Parts, Inc. Parade and Roadster Boots for 71-76 Full Size B-Bodies info@classiccaddies.com
Classic Car Interiors GS, GSX, and Skylark Parts, Concourse Judging rules,Build Sheets, and the X-Camino! sales@classiccarinteriors.com
Classic Fabrication.com Floor Pans for 71-73 Riviera Boattails 843-650-0385
Classic Heaters Heater Core Repair and Recoring 516-293-2175
ClassicJunkyard.com National Junkyard Directory  
Classic NOS Parts Classic NOS Parts sells old car parts that are hard to get.  Get parts for your Buick, Chevrolet & Chevrolet Truck, GMC, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Cadillac, Ford, Lincoln, Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth, Mopar. Our stock comes from closed Dealerships and Old Parts Houses 815-399-1075 or Contact
ClassicNRodParts.com Free Classified Ad service for used American Classic, Rod, & Muscle car parts...No Fees! info@classicnrodparts.com
Classic Performance Products How-to on installing an Air-Ride system 714-522-2000
Classic Tube Fuel, Brake, Transmission lines & other hoses 800-882-3711
The Clock Doc Automotive Clock Repair Services 800-256-5362
The Clock Works Your Automotive Clock Specialists Ph: 800-398-3040 E-mail: clockwks@nnex.net
Coil Spring Specialties Coil Spring Specialties individually calibrates specialized coil springs for any vehicle. (785) 437-2025
Coker Tire Welcome to coker.com!  We are the world's largest supplier of
antique, vintage and classic tires to the collector car hobby.
Columns Galore Steering Columns are our ONLY Business Contact Us
Collector Car Trader Online Search Thousands on Cars and Parts Nationwide! www.traderonline.com
Collectors Auto Supply Parts locating service  
Cometic Gasket Custom engine gasktes 800-752-9850
Common Carburetor Terms A dictionary of carburetor terms...very good to know!
Compact Buick Club The Compact Buick Club (CBC) organization is made up of individuals dedicated to the preservation of the compact Buick cars manufactured from 1961 through 1963. bruce@compactbuickclub.org
Compression Ratio Calculator Calculates compression ration based on engine specs http://www.turbofast.com.au/welcome.html
Concours Transport Systems Locations In Seattle, Washington and Los Vegas, Nevada
 Enclosed Auto Transport Nationwide
Phone (253)973.3987
Convertible Service Convertible Tops and Parts - Motors, Frames, etc. (800) 333-1140
Convertible Tops We have been manufacturing and distributing parts for the convertible top industry since 1975. We own our own manufacturing facility in quiet Peacedale, Rhode Island. 401-789-0497
CoPartFinder.com Now there are TWO ways to search for parts! http://copartfinder.com/
Corro Therm, Inc Powdercoating and Plating 215-322-5255
Cotton's Performance Center Turbo Regal Speed Shop 413-789-0531
Cotton's Performance Discussion Board Turbo Regal Discussion Board
Country Boy Classics and Parts Cars from the 30's thru the 70's email- tw@countryboyclassicsandparts.com
Cross Canada Cross Canada supplies in excess of 15,000 body repair parts, including bumpers, fenders, hoods, doors, lamps, gas tanks, radiators, condensers and accessories for domestic and imported cars and trucks (519)966-0456
Custom Auto Sound Presently, we offer OEM-fit radios for over 400 different year groups, makes and models of cars and trucks, 1940s to 1980s, as well as the universal "fits anything" Secretaudio AM/FM CD system! 800-888-8637
Custom Coatings Corp Copper, nickel and chrome electroplated on plastic int. and ext. parts 850-562-0538
D & D Antique Auto Parts Click here for their online Buick catalog in MS Word Format  
D & L Transmission We Specialize in Classic and Current Musclecar Manual Transmissions 631-351-4837
Dakota BOP Chapter The Premier Club for Buick, Oldsmobile, and Pontiac Owners & Enthusiasts webmaster@dakotabop.org
Dan's Obsolete Parts Nationwide parts locator, and VERY helpful and courteous. 800-472-4402
Danno Enterprises Specializing in Automotive Weatherstripping and Selected Classic Restoration Items (321) 639-0504
DaveJunkYardPart@aol.com Dave has lots of Chevelle parts - if you are looking for bucket seats or any other interchangeable parts for your GS or Riv, and 3 Spoke Sport steering wheels and parts.   Email him and he'll be glad to discuss your needs.  
Dependable Auto Shippers The Future of Vehicle Relocation http://www.dasautoshippers.com/contact.html
Desert Dog Auto Parts AMERICAN PARTS ONLY, 1946 thru the early 1980's 815-337-9594
Desert Valley Auto Parts Desert Valley Auto Parts invites you to browse the largest classic car salvage yard on the Internet http://www.dvap.com/index.htm
Diamond Back Classics Wide White Walls, Redlines, Goldlines - Steel Belted Radials 1-888-922-1642
Dick Linton Superb rearend rebuilder.  Retired GM mechanic.  30 years in the business (1960-1990, so he saw all of the musclecar era). Arrange to ship him your rear. 215-794-7294
Dick Miller Racing Bolt-on 4 Links for Most GM coil sprung Cars dmracing1@aol.com
Directory.net A neat little search engine that wishes it did as good a job as my site...  
DIY Head Porting It is easy for the do-it-yourselfer to port cylinder heads. All you need is the Standard Abrasives Deluxe Porting Kit, some common tools and some free time. Contact Us
Don's Auto Parts Restoration Auto parts, bumpers, grommets, etc. (253) 752-0308
The Dual Carb Registry While not exactly rare, the '41-'42 Buicks are unique in that they are the only Buick straight-8s equipped with the dual carbs. toolman8@ix.netcom.com
The Eastwood Company Complete line of paints, auto body supplies, powdercoating kits and more. 1-800-345-1178 or 610-323-2200
Eaton Detroit Spring Manufacutures leaf and coil springs for GM cars. 313-963-3839
eBay/Kruse International and the Buick Club of America Partnership eBay/Kruse International and the Buick Club of America have formed a partnership to give their members a discount for selling their cars on the #1 ecommerce site in the world, eBay.com Kruse International has a listing service to sell your car on eBay for you. 800-968-4444, ext. 235
Edelbrock Buick Intake Manifolds V6 and V8 Performer Intake Manifolds (no 350)  
Ehrlich's Buick Salvage Yard Over 250 Buicks being parted out from 1927-88, includes 30-40 1964-72 Skylarks/GSs. Many hard to find parts such as grilles, air cleaners, consoles, etc. 316-793-3903 or e-mail Steve or Chad
Electra225.com A site for the Buick Electra 225 enthusiast bigfella@electra225.com
Electron Top We offer over 370 different replacement convertible top patterns in 120 different colors & materials.
American & Foreign cars range from 1940 to present
Energy Suspension Parts Online store for Energy Suspension parts - lowest prices anywhere!! Burleson, TX  Email
Engine Blueprint Guide Blueprint specifications contain information vital to building NHRA legal Stock and Super Stock engines www.nhra.com
Engine Identification 1935-1982 Buick Engine ID Numbers
Engine Detailing Guide Here are some restoration & detailing tips we have found very useful - we think you will, too! www.atlantabuick.com
ESPO Springs N' Things Leaf Springs, Coil Springs, Suspension Parts springsnthings@aol.com
The European Buick Forum This is a discussion board that caters to the European Buick fanatics!
EZ Hauling Our goal is to make the auto moving process EASY for our customers, and we succeed in doing that every day. 866.215.8626
Factory Automanuals Factory original manuals and literature at DISCOUNT prices! (877) 505-7842
Faithful Pursuit - 1969 Electra GSX Road Racer! A great project car that is going to make headlines...read all about it in the link to the left.  Totally Awesome!  
F.A.S.T. Discussion Board Hosted By Year One - F.A.S.T Drag Racing forums
Finishline Motorsports Great Machine Shop in Hastings, MI 616-765-5101
FossilCars.com Classified ads for Cars and Parts Contact@FossilCars.com
Freeze 12 Replaces R-12 in A/C Systems sales@freeze12.com
Fryer's Auto Upholstery Auto Upholstery Kits for Any Car! (360) 574-8070  rcfryer@hotmail.com
Fusick Automotive Products, Inc Oldsmobile Parts (Lots of universal parts that also fit BUICKS!) 860-623-1589
Garden of Speedin' Tires, Steering Wheels, Racing Pedals, Resto Products, Stereos, Collectables, Books & Manuals, Clothing cars@gardenofspeedin.com
Gardner Exhaust Systems Gardner Exhaust Systems is a premier reproduction exhaust company. Our objective is to make copies of original systems and provide them to the public at a reasonable price. Contact Us
The Gear Zone 4, 5, and 6 speed transmission specialty 561-447-9594
Gentlemen's Relish A tribute article to the 1963 Riviera Home
Geo Metro Drag Racing?? A Funny Story about a Geo Metro and A ford Festiva Street  Racing... zcar.com
Gessler Head Porting Specializing in stock-appearing heads, intakes, and exhaust manifolds for all makes of our cars. 908-362-7692
Gilly's Classics Cars & Parts Salvage yard in Placereville, CA Click Here To Send Mail or Place Order
Glory Days Memorabilia 70-72 GS and Turbo Buick prints for sale!  
GM Obsolete GM Obsolete, besides storing thousands of new, used and reconditioned parts, also has a large yard with 300-400 vintage GM automobiles, stored outdoors in the dry, rust-free Arizona climate. 877-253-8398
GM Parts Direct Direct Source for Genuine GM Parts customerservice@gmpartsdirect.com
GN Registry GNregistry is a non-profit organization made up of  the registered owners of cars known as the Buick Turbo Regals.
Goodmark Industries, Inc. Goodmark Industries, Inc. is your premier source for restoration body panels and trim for classic American cars and trucks 770-339-8557
Gran Sport Club of America   229-244-0577
Greenwood Chevrolet Shop Online 24/7 for GM Restoration Parts & Performance Parts, engines, diecast, gifts and collectables 1-800-926-4977
Greyhound Shipping Greyhound Package Xpress 1-800-479-1329
Group O, LLC 1965 & 1966 Gran Sport emblems and other specialty items UH34D@aol.com
GSCA Forums Buick GS Club of America Discussion Forums  
GS Enterprises(Dave Kleiner) THE GS resto shop(Enough Said!) 608-763-2076
GS Tips & Tricks Atlanta Buick Specialties does more than just sell parts.  We also provide as much educational, promotional, technical, restoration and performance information as possible. Our information is provided to our readers via this website free for their own personal use.  
GSX Stencil Kit 1970-72 GSX Stencil Set Catalog
Guide to the Regal GS The goal of this project is to provide the most amount of information for the 1997.5 to 2004 Buick Regal. More specifically the GS model, but a lot of what you will find here is also usable in other models of 3800 powered cars including the Regal LS, Pontiac Grand Prix models, and many others  
Harland Sharp Custom Speed Parts Roller Rockers for Buick Engines (V6 and V8) 440-238-3260
Head and Block Casting Numbers Big Block heads are a find.  Buick made numerous different sets throughout the years.  Some of these heads flowed better than others.  Identifying heads (engine size and year), however, can be a difficult job.  This chart will help by providing you with casting numbers so you can determine what you've got, or know what to look for at your local parts yards.  
HelmInc.com Aftermarket and OEM Manuals (800) 782-4356
Hemmings Motor News Listings of Cars and Parts - The Restorer's Bible 1-800-227-4373, ext 550
H-O Enterprises High Performance Suspension Products 909-980-1451
Hood Insulation & hood bumpers Underhood Soft Parts classicbuicks.com
Horn Repair How to repair common automotive horns Vernco.com
Horn Restoration Restoration of "Trumpet" Horns www.chip.com
Horsepower Ratings 1968-1982 Buick Engine Specs from 1968 to 1982 http://viragotech.com/
 - Parent directory of the above link Lots of cool wagon pictures and some good information on horsepower and motor specs from 1960 through 1997 http://viragotech.com/
Hot Air Buick Website and Registry Website and Registry for non-intercooled Turbo Regals, GN's, TTypes, etc. Email
Hot Rod and Custom Supply Finned Valley, Spark Plug and Valve Covers for Nailheads Contact Us
How Differentials Work Schematics and animations of how the rear differential works - very cool! HowStuffWorks
HR Parts N Stuff Welcome to HRpartsNstuff, where only the BEST performance products are available! (330) 678-0899
Hubcaps.com Buick Hubcaps, Buick Hub Caps & Buick Wheel Covers 1-800-826-5880
Hurst Shifter Rebuilder Owned by Mr. Gasket, a very quick turn-around time on rebuilds - read testimony HERE Hurst Shifter Rebuild
550 Mallory Way
Carson City, NV. 89701
775 882 6600
Hydro-E-Lectric Convertible Top Parts Hydro-E-Lectric has been providing quality American made products since 1976. We carry a full line of convertible tops and power window parts for foreign and U.S. cars from 1946 through present day. 941-639-0437
Instrument Services Inc Rebuilds/fixes original equipment gages such as tachs, speedos, gage packs, etc 800-558-2674
Intercity Lines, Inc. Intercity Lines, Inc., America's Premier Enclosed Auto Transport Company, has been in the automobile transport business since 1980. 1-800-221-3936
Intertech Research Nailhead Head Porting Specialist ~ Ed Mosler (559) 486-8202
IPT Performance Transmissions High performance transmissions, transmission parts, shift kits, trans valve bodies and custom high stall torque converters for domestic and import vehicles 1-866-82-TRANS
Is It A Factory Stage1? The VIN does not differentiate the Stage 1 from the standard 455. Contrary to popular belief such options as tach, gages, sway bars, 15" wheels and disc brakes were not standard equipment with the Stage 1. by Richard Lasseter and Mark DeConti
as published in the Nov/Dec 1994 GS X-tra
Isky 340 Racing Cams 1961-1967 340 Cams contact
Jay Leno Buick Video A funny video with Jay Leno doing a monologue about his 1955 Buick Roadmaster  
Jeg's High Performance High performance parts for people who like to move fast! 800-345-4545
Jet Hot Coatings The HOTTEST Name in High-Temp Coatings 800-432-3379
Jet Performance Products Jet has been manufacturing and modifying fuel systems for many, many years.  They'll make your Holley or Q-jet run better than ever. 714-848-5515
Jim Osborn Reproductions, Inc. Automotive Restoration Decals and Detailing Items -
Owner's and Service Manuals -
(770) 962-7556
John Osborne Quadrajet Performance Mod and Rebuild Specialist 270-737-4467   JOP455@AOL.COM
Just Dashes Just Dashes is the interior parts restoration company of choice when only the best will do. Their award winning vinyl parts restorations appear in many national points champions and magazine project vehicles. 800-247-3274
JW Performance Transmissions Transmissions & Torque Convertors jwperf@digital.net
Kanter Auto Products Complete line of restoration parts/services. 800-526-1096 or 973-334-9575
Kirban Performance Products TURBO REGALS:  Body, Exterior, Literature, Engine parts, fuel, ignition, exhaust, rear, gauges, suspension, wheel, brakes, transmission parts Contact Us
Langka Professional Paint Chip and Scratch Repair 1-800-945-4532
Legendary Auto Interiors Ltd Carries all interior parts for 1964-72 Skylark/GS/GSX including headliners, carpet, glove boxes, hood insulation, package trays etc. 1-800-363-8804
M&H Electrical Fabricators Makes entire wiring harnesses for cars. Also carriers electrical parts such as switches, solenoids, etc. (562) 926-9552
Mac's Garage a large quantity of NORS sheetmetal for 50-58 Buicks. This collection includes door skins, fender patched, rocker panels, etc. Also spin-on oil filter conversion kits for the 53-58 Buicks. JOE@MACSGARAGE.COM
Magnecor Race Wires Competition Spark Plug Wires (Don't be turned away by the Ricer on the front page!!) 248-669-6688
MalibuRacing.com 4/5 Speed Manual conversions in G Bodies phillip@maliburacing.com
Manns Restoration Manns Restoration, Inc. specializes in unique restoration projects Contact Us
Master Power Brakes Front disk brake conversion kits for 63 - 73 Rivieras. 888-251-2353
Mel's Old Car Supply Mel's has new Riviera rubber products such as door seals, door bumpers and more. 613-966-7252
Memory Lane

800 to 1000 Pre '74 cars & trucks in stock!

(800) 281-9273
Mercer Spring All suspension springs and expert driveshaft rebuilding. 609-586-3119
Metco Motorsports Solutions Control Arms, adjustable fuel regulators, fuel pressure gage kits, fuel cells, valve cover breathers, driveshaft safety loops 864-332-5929
Metro Weatherstripping and Moulded Parts Over 10,000 Replacement Rubber Parts! (800) 878-2237
Mike's Tech Tips In my various car projects, I've been able to collect a few handy little tech tips and stories along the way. I hope you find some of them useful. Mike
Mitch Romanowski Design Manufacturer of 1965-70 Skylark/GS wheel center caps. The caps feature a locking strap to deter theft 847-705-5761 Mitch
Mr. G's Enterprises Fasteners, Screw & Bolt Kits, Woodgrain Kits, Brushed Aluminum & Black Camera Finish, Rechromed Plastic (817) 831-3501
MuscleCarCalendar.com A cool site with lots of pictures and videos of musclecars! Contact Us
MusclecarClub.com The Muscle Car Club is dedicated to the preservation, restoration, and enjoyment of all American Muscle Cars.
Musclecar Power Magazine Discussion Board "For the Sake of the Hobby"
MyOilShop.com Our mission is eliminating the barriers that make Red Line cost prohibitive and inaccessable to racers or enthusiasts. We strive to provide you with the best service by maintaining a large stock of almost all the Red Line products (That is all we sell) and we use RPS for the most cost effective and customer friendly method of shipping. (412) 487-5004
My Q-Jet Tips All around experience with Edelbrock Q-Jet Tuning Mike
NADA Guides Get your car's value with the NADA appraisal guides! Contact Us
www.NailheadBuick.com Nailhead enthusiast's website - well done!  
Nailhead Transmission Adapters These kits allow you to use any Chev transmission built for a V8 from 1955 to 1997, stick or automatic bob@transmissionadapters.com
National Engine Buick Engines For Sale (800) 285-8644
National Parts Depot Various A-Body Parts and fasteners Email
Newport Start 'n' Charge Buick Mini-starters and Hi-output 1-wire Alternators mcclinton@povn.com
Northern Auto Parts Warehouse Carries all kinds of performance parts, one stop speed shop, New Buick V6 and 350 timing chain covers by Elgin for $88 They also carry Ignitor ignition conversion kits to change from points to electronic ignition for $68, FREE CATALOG 1-800-831-0884
Northwest Customs Northwest Customs is a full service restoration shop.  With over 15 years of experience, it is our goal to provide you with the quality work you're looking for.  From restorations to radical customs (503) 829-2692
Northwest Speed Equipment Nailhead Parts, Stromberg Carbs (503) 829-2692  (yes, it's the same number as the link above)
O.E.M. Carburetor Listing We at Specialized Investments have been providing Original Equipment Carburetors to the automotive repair industry and auto enthusiasts since 1979. Our goal is to provide either used carburetor cores in good condition or professionally rebuilt carbs by original part number or style (830) 560-1205, E-Mail
The Official Harley Earl Website A tribute to the legendary Harley Earl  
Oil Filter Adapter Enterprises 1953 to 1958 Buick V8 oil filter adapters - We manufacture oil filter adapters to replace your obsolete original factory canister oil filter with modern spin-on oil filters. Ordering Info
Oklahoma Buick Performance Club The official website! Join us!
Old Air Products Heating and A/C Specialists (817) 531-2665
The Old Buick Archive Specializing In Information, Literature & Data For Your Vintage Buick BUICKOHV@aol.com
The Old Car Manual Project Interesting automobile literature from all makes Contact Us
Old Iron Saves A Life! One of the most tragic, yet interesting stories I've read in a long time.  Read this.  It will touch your heart. Michael Minery
Original Car Radios Your Source For 1963 - 1978 Factory Original AM & AM/FM-Stereo Car Radios & Accessories ocr510@earthlink.net
PAE Enterprises Jim Burek is among the world's elite with respect to Buick engine building. 915-855-6009
PaintWorks Unlimited Welcome to PaintWorks Unlimited, your New England source for reviving and restoring your vintage classic. 603-749-7536, sean@paintworksunlimited.com
ParadeBoots.com Fiberglass parade boots and fasteners for 197-1976 GM full size convertibles  
PartsBoy.com A little hard to navigate, but has a good selection of Buick Bumpers tombuic@partsboy.com
The Parts Place Chicagoland's Largest Supplier of GM Restoration Parts 630-365-1800
Parts Unlimited Inc Manufactures various automotive trim products such as window sweeps (fuzzies), fenderwell dust shields, etc 502-425-3766
P.A.T.S. Auto Transport & Shipping P.A.T.S. Auto Transport & Shipping is prepared to move your vehicle by transport carrier to and from any of the continental 48 states, and by marine shipping to and from Alaska 1-800-340-6313
Pearsonville Auto Wrecking & Hubcaps 50's thru 70's cars & parts 760-377-4585
Penn-Ohio Performance Club If you own a Buick or a Buick powered car I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for checking us out and would like to welcome you to join our club. renee@penn-ohiopeformance.com
Performance Market General Replacement Auto Parts Contact Us
Performance Products & Supply Carries full line of Red Line racing lubricants 412-487-5004 or 965-4608
Performance Suspension Components High Performance Suspension Components 1-800-572-3768
Performance Suspension Technology The world's leading supplier of quality performance parts. (800) 247-2288
Performance Systems Manufacturing LLC Performance Systems Manufacturer LLC is the manufacturer and supplier of unique products for Buick vehicles, specializing in turbo Grand Nationals, Turbo Regals and classic Gran Sport high performance cars. 303-279-7103
Performance Transmission Services Specializing in performance 2004r OD transmissions (916) 739-0510
Performance Tune Your QJet Secondaries THE SECONDARIES!! Best place to start in search of more performance quickly! Damon Nickles
Performance Tune Your QJet Secondaries Part II Part II of the above Post Damon Nickles
Pertronix Performance Products Ignition, Exhaust Products http://www.pertronix.com/contact.htm
Pete's Welding and Driveshaft A great shop for welding and driveshaft fabrication.  Ship it to them and they'll make it right. 609-392-3944
Peter's Quadrajet Secondary Rods Listing of Secondary Rod Sizes http://www.netspace.net.au/~peterpam/home.htm
PFM Custom Pattern Polished Metals FPM Inc. is a leader in the production and development of "Pattern Polished Metals" for architectural and automotive applications. The process of polishing known as engine turning, swirling or jewelling dates back into the 1800's. Engine turning or jewelling is a process of polishing stainless steel or other metal items with small overlapping swirls that form a moiré pattern. 402-729-2264
PickProParts.com Lots of good parts for all makes. 1-800-654-6452
Pilkington Classics Auto Replacement Glass 1-800-848-1351
PJ's Auto Literature PJ's Auto Literature has been buying, selling and trading automotive sales brochures since 1988. Since 1988 we have added owner's manuals, shop manuals, magazine ads, and color charts. pjsautolit@aol.com
Pomona Swap Meet The West Coast's largest Meet http://www.pomonaswapmeet.com/contact.htm
POR15 Rust Preventative Paint 800-457-6715
The POR-15 Depot The largest Authorized Distributor of  POR15 Products Contact Us
Poston Enterprises Performance and replacement engine and transmission parts. 251-368-8577, 800-635-9781
Power Steering Services, Inc. manual and power steering gearbox repair and rebuilding
quick-ratio steering conversions for GM cars • power steering conversions
• Borgeson steering shafts
Precious Cargo Auto Transport A quality source of dependable auto transportation for individuals, corporations and moving companies across the Continental United States. (866) 242-8522
Prestage.com Welcome to Prestage.com, a site for drag racers, bracket racers, and automotive enthusiasts. The pages in this site contain a wide variety of information that can be useful as you plan and build a car for the street or the drag strip. Webmaster@Prestage.com
PreWar Buick www.PreWarBuick.com is an album of Buick automobiles and trucks from 1904 to 1942, with hundreds of pictures, useful Links and Feature articles, all to celebrate these cars and the people who appreciate them.  
ProAutoTransport.com Directory of Professional Auto Transport companies for shipping your vehicle Contact Us
PT Auto Pizzaz GM Convertible Tops 1-877-782-8861
PUI Interiors Parts Unlimited, Inc
Manufacturer of quality automotive interior restoration components for over 25 years
QJet Idle Problems Idle quality with a QJet can be tricky since they were ALL emissions carbs (except the Edelbrock's).  They can have lousy idle quality on a cammed motor because they already start out borderline-lean on a stock motor. Damon Nickles
QJet Tuning Tuning tips for pre-81 Qjets ThirdGenMonte.com
Quadra-jet The Complexity Of The Q-Jet That Makes It Such A Great Fuel Mixer May Deter Folks From Blueprinting Them For Performance http://www.carcraft.com/
Quadrajet Exploded View Exploded view of the Rochester 4bbl Quadrajet with labels. www.442.com
Quadrajet Identification Chart This is a very nice chart that Clint Delisle posted on the v8buick.com board and it has helped me tremendously in ID-ing Quadrajets.
Quadrajet Secondary Metering Rod Chart Degrees of Secondary Air Valve Opening vs. Rod Diameter in Secondary Jet Damon Nickle
Quadrajet Tech This article has been prepared with the hope that it will help enthusiasts optimize their Quadrajet carbs for performance. Randy Frazier
Quadrajet Tuning Nice article written with lots of information! Lars Grimsrud
QuantaProducts.com Quanta Restoration and Performance Products and our division GasTanks.com 1-800-235-8788
Quick Fuel Technology Welcome to Quick Fuel Technology -- "The Fuel Systems Innovators". We sincerely hope you find this site useful, and we welcome any comments you may have. Simply click on the button labeled "Feedback" to the left of this page. 270-793-0900
Rally America Reproduction Wheels


Ram Air Box Cool air for Hot Rods
Force feed your engine fresh air
Increased efficiency
Improved fuel economy
Cold air makes more power
Randy Frazier Q-jet If having a "performance tuned" Quadrajet carburetor is your idea of being better prepared, then this tech article may be for you. Hundreds of articles have been written on Q-Jets, but very few actually give specific combinations that perform well on street/strip applications.
Rare Parts Specializing in Suspension Parts (209) 948-6005
Ratech Rear End Parts Small Parts for Automotive & Light Truck Axles (513) 742-2111
Real Street Performance Combination of GS and TR parts, racing parts PH 330-628-4648
Recarbco We provide original equipment replacement carburetors for most makes and models of vehicles, including cars, trucks, and vans. More Info
RegalGS.org Regal GS Discussion Forums  
REM Automotive Inc. Trunk Cardboard and Package Tray materials Box 241, Route 1, Brandt Road
Annville, PA 17003, USA
Voice: 717-838-4242
Fax: 717-838-5091
Email: rem@leba.net
1-800-736-2891 ask for Mike
Replacement Buick Engines Many models covered here...check it out! Contact Us
Replica Plastics Reproduction plastic body parts for 1974-1985 Buicks  
Restoration Specialties & Supply, Inc. Our company was started in 1974 as a small antique auto parts supplier. Since then we have grown into one of the leading suppliers of hard to find restoration parts. Our inventory includes: window channel, belt weatherstrips, rubber weatherstripping, rubber bumpers & grommets, sedan decking, bias, welts & windlace, fenderwelt, hoodlace, door panelboard & cowlboard, clips & fasteners, moulding bolts, finishing screws & washers, bumper bolts, trimming sundries, speed nuts, wire loom and many other hard to find antique auto parts. 814-467-9842


Rick & Mindy's Automotive We are a small husband and wife business that sells automotive shop/service manuals. 1-888-MANUAL9
Rick Finn Art Your Auto Art Superstore info@rickfinnart.com
The Right Stuff Detailing Exact Reproduction Brake & Fuel Lines 800-405-2000
Riviera Owners' Association Dedicated to the Promotion, Preservation, and Restoration of the Buick Riviera.  
RJC Racing Dedicated to continued research and development of the most advanced performance products. 435-882-2839, Jason Cramer - Jason@RJCRacing.com
Robbins Auto Top Company, Inc. Convertible Tops 1-888-407-9456
RobbMc Performance Products 455 Performance Fuel Pumps Email
Rochester Carbs Rochester Quadrajet Common Problems and Decoding http://www.buickperformance.com
Rochester QuadraJet OEM Number ID The Rochester Quadra-Jet was a very popular carburetor on many GM vehicles from the mid 60s to the late 80s. The first was in 1965, on large Chevy V8s. By 68, the Q-jet was GM's main 4 barrel carb. The OEM numbers are located on the driver's side of the carb, near the throttle linkage. The numbers run vertically. E-mail Us
RockAuto.com LOTS of parts for any model or year Buick! 1-866-ROCKAUTO
Rolling Steel Body Parts We formed Rolling Steel Body Parts in order to specialize and make available to restorers of automobiles and trucks, a USA manufactured part 1-888-765-5460
Roman Centurion This is something I stumbled upon when I was inquiring about the meaning of the word "Centurion"...interesting.  
Ron's Auto Body and Restoration Fiberglass, Welding, Custom and Factory Paint, Fine Body Work, Sandblasting 760-744-3540
Ron Francis Wiring In 1974 Our first Wiring Harness for Street Rods was introduced. That introductory wiring harness was very basic, by the standards RON FRANCIS WIRING systems are known for today. It did, however, meet Ron's goals and served to prove that a wiring system could be offered in kit form for the do-it-yourselfer. We began to make wiring solutions painless at RON FRANCIS WIRING. Many of the original wiring kits are still in service today! 800-292-1940
Russell Performance Automotive Parts Russell Performance is on the cutting edge in product design from Brakelines to Oil Line kits. 310-781-2222
S&W Race Cars Welded Frames, Custom Race Cars, Roll Bars & Cages, Books & Videos, Custom Manufacturing, Apparel and collectibles, Used cars & trailers for sale 610-948-7303
San Diego Power Brake Rebuilds brake boosters and re-cad plates them for $85 619-444-7330
Sherman & Associates Carries all kinds of sheet metal products for domestic and foreign cars. Available for Buick Skylark 1967-72. Rocker panels, fender patch panels, trunk floors, quarter skins, gas tank brackets. 586-774-8297
Small Block Casting Numbers Buick Small Block Casting Numbers http://swapmeet.ca/
SMS Auto Fabrics Specializing in auto interiors for over 25 years (503) 263-3535
SNS Chroming These guys can chrome ANYTHING!  
SoCal GranSports Classifieds, links, galleries info@socalgs.com
Southern Specialty Sales Starters and alternators for Buick GN/TR and GS cars. The prices are competitive with AutoZone, Western Auto, Pep Boys and Grand Auto. Race
The Spa Depot Features the Novus Spa Scratch Removal Kit which is a great tool for removing scratches from your dash guage lenses and headlight and taillight lenses! 1-800-823-3638
Specs & Data Good info on Bolt Torque #'s, Carb #'s, Rear Axles, and VIN's  
Speedometer Gear Charts Speedo Gears used with the ST300, TH350 and TH400 The Buick Gran Sport Page
Speedway Automotive Speedway Automotive has over 800 rust free Buick parts and cars from 1961 and newer. (800) 425-8960
SRE Performance Fabrications, Inc. Fabricated Steel and Aluminum Components 920-684-6776
Stage1 Automotive We specialize in helping you get the most out of your classic or modern American musclecar! 973.839.4900
Stage1 Registry The intention of the Stage1 registry to document existing factory Stage1 cars, and to compare various options and colors. E-Mail Me
Steele Rubber Products Complete line of rubber replacement parts. 800-544-8665
Stockton Wheel Reproduction and custom built wheels 800-395-WHEEL ext. 509
Straightline Performance Full line of performance parts for V8 Buicks as well as expanding line of performance exhaust products including custom mads mufflers. 517-482-6100 Scott
Sundell Automotive Buick Salvage yard in North Carolina 704-434-6759
SuperCar Specialty Rubber Parts, upholstery, molded carpets, door panels, headliners, sun visors, convertible tops, armrests, interior lenses, hood insulation, trunk mats... 714-666-2208
TA Performance Products, Inc. The Ultimate in Buick V8 High Performance. 480-922-6807
Tabco Body Parts Manufacturer and distributor of American-Made sheet metal parts 800-782-5226
Tarheel Parts, Inc. Cast Iron & Stainless Steel High Temp. Spray Paint Contact Us
TCI Automotive Transmissions, Torque Converters, and Related Components for Racing and Street 662-224-8972
Team Buick Discussion Board General Buick Discussion Forums  
Terrill Machine, Inc. Carb Kits for 37-67 Carter, 55-71 Rochester, 36-61 Stromberg. Gasket Sets, Oil Pumps, Engine Parts, etc. 254-893-2610
Tie Rod Experts Detailed information regarding the operation and function of a tie rod.  
Tire Size Calculator Use the calculator to see what happens to your speedometer reading when you change the size of your tires and wheels. The graphic shows your stock tire selection in an outline overlaid on your new tire selection. http://www.miata.net/index.html
Torque Tech Website Buick GS Parts and Huge 3.5", 3" and 2.5" exhaust systems. We have the longer tailpipes for the '65-67 and '73-77 Buicks. No one else does. Systems for all Muscle Cars. Header applications and Manifold applications. PH 1-800-531-5584 Order Line 229-242-0691 Tech Line Keith
Tony's QJet Tips This page is made up of information I gathered from the Internet, requests I made by email, Bill Stacey from Buickstreet.com, Cliff? and many other sources. Email Tony
Transmission Identification & Info Identification of GM Automatic Transmissions maliburacing.com
Transmission Specialties TRANSMISSION SPECIALTIES has become one of the best manufacturers of Automatic Transmissions, Torque Converters, and Related Parts in the United States. Contact Us
Tri-City Plating Chrome Replating Elizabethton, TN - 1-800-251-7536
Trim Tags Reproducers of the Cowl tag, body tag, or trim tag..whatever you like to call it! 847-478-TAGS
TriShield.com The Buick Enthusiast Network http://www.trishield.com/becomeamember.shtml
Tri Shield Performance Complete Stock/Performance Restorations 763-422-8685
Turbo 6 Power Discussion Board Turbo Buick Discussion Forums
TurboBuick.com Turbo Buick Discussion Forums http://www.turbobuick.com/contact/
TurboBuicks.com Turbo Buick Discussion Forums webmaster@TurboBuicks.com
Turbo Buick Parts Sources & Vendors Linked from gnttype.org is a nice list of Turbo Buick vendor listings! gnttype.org
Turbo Buick Performance Carries mainly TR Buick performance parts and service 516-248-2266
U Need A Part Used Auto Parts from Salvage Yards across the US Info@uneedapart.com
Unique Aluminum Products Aluminum Valve Covers for 400 430 455 (515) 965-4180
US Body Source Carries all kinds of fiberglass parts including GS hoods, fenders, 1970 frt bumper, trunk lids. Two versions: regular bolt-on heavy duty and light weight race pin-on. 1-904-468-2203
Used Superchargers.com Usedsuperchargers.com is a FREE classifieds service that creates a bridge between buyers and sellers to help find and list used superchargers for sale. info@usedsuperchargers.com 
V6 Aftermarket Performance Parts SC 3800 Performance site 765-566-2685
V8buick.com Discussion Forum for Buick Enthusiasts of all Backgrounds.  Also has sections for car and parts for sale. www.v8buick.com
VFN Fiberglass

This is the place for high quality fiberglass and carbon-fiber components for your race car!

(630) 543-0233
Vintage Speed Engine Adapters, Intake manifolds, calve covers, Nailhead cams, ignition systems, carbuertors, stromberg 772-778-0809
Vinyl Specialties Automotive Sunvisors - I, and other have used this company and they are GREAT!!!! Email
Virtual Swap Meet The Virtual Swap Meet, your place to buy, sell, swap, trade, cars, parts, automobile accessories, of all types!  
VMR Auto Guides Price Guide for Old Cars and Used Cars - Good Reference vmr@vmrintl.com
Wagon Lover's Photo Gallery Pictures of Buick station wagons!  
WeatherstripSpecial.com Weatherstripping for Various Makes and Models (888) 999-7876
WeLoveBuicks.com We Love Buicks! Everything you want to know about Buicks - Current models, future and concept cars, sponsored races, souvenir shop - all in one place.  
Wheatbelt Buick Our current stock (Buick only) is about 350 cars from 1941-1979. Our inventory is constantly changing with new stock coming in most weeks, and of course parts are going out daily wheatbelt@myexcel.com
Wheel Vintiques Reproduction and custom built wheels 559-251-6957
Wikipedia of the Buick V8 Engine Wikipedia - the free encyclopedia, full of Buick V8 Information  
WS Racing Manufactures various fiberglass parts such as hoods, doors, bumpers, etc 440-998-6341
Y n Z's Yesterdays Parts Concours Quality Wiring Harnesses (909) 798-1498
Yahoo Boat-Tail Group Egroup for all owners, admirers and enthusiasts of the classic automobile, Buick Riviera model 1971 thro' 1973  
Yahoo! Nailhead Group Nailhead Message Board
Year One Reproduction Restoration Parts 800-932-7663
Zaino Show Car Polish Products At Zaino Bros', we've mastered the art of making ordinary cars, and not-so-ordinary cars, look like show cars.  We feel that everyday is a good day to show-off your car.  732-833-8800

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